Dr Scholtemeyer -
Mainly applying hypnotherapy


The aim of this practice is to heal people's hurts they experience in the process of living their lives, in the most effective way, and in the shortest period of time by  skilfully applying a diversity of psychotherapeutic techniques.

I believe that to function as a successful, contented, whole person in all areas of life, healing has to take place in all dimensions of human functioning: physical, mental, and spiritual (spirituality as defined by the patient, not the therapist).

I strive to help people to utilize their own inner resources to attain this goal, so that each individual can be the happy person they would like to be, and was always meant to be. Although I am a highly trained hypnotherapist (diplomate member of the South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis) and mainly apply hypnotherapy in reaching the above stated aim, I also practice a whole spectrum of other psychotherapies, when appropriate.

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