Ericksonian Hypnotherapy


In this model of hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist works in an INDIRECT way to help the patient reach and influence his own unconscious mind. The hypnotherapist uses a specialized system of language by utilizing metaphors, stories, fables, poems, jokes, idioms, etc., in a conversational, informal way to teach lessons to the unconscious mind. According to the Ericksonian model of hypnotherapy it is mostly not necessary to analyse the past in order to find the trauma that caused the symptoms, but rather to work in the present and to utilize the symptoms to achieve change in the here-and-now (i.e. the present). Therefore, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy, the therapist also incorporates anything the patient indirectly reveals in therapy
(i.e. body language, figure of speech, etc.) or anything occurring in the environment at that point in time (a jet flying past; a door rattling in the wind; etc.). The hypnotherapist therefore utilizes the patient's unique approach to, and experience of the world. The hypnotherapist is constantly both communicating with the patient and observing the patient 'between the lines', and therefore indirectly. All of this is at the core of the process of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, in order to utilize the resources of the patient's unconscious mind to reach new
understandings of his symptoms in the here-and-now and to change it to the patient's benefit.

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