Ego State Hypnotherapy


The basis of this model of hypnotherapy is the principle that the normal unconscious mind is not a 'whole, undivided unit or entity' but consists of different parts in the same way that the body consists of hands, feet, heart, lungs, etc. Each part of the unconscious mind is like a 'part person' with an identity of its own and a function of its own.

It is very much like a company consisting of many employees, each with an identity and function of its own, but all working towards the same goal. Under ideal circumstances the parts function as a happy, conflict-free 'family', very much like a family consisting of different people forming a happy system when all the members of the family are in harmony. Problems occur when parts are in conflict and this conflict causes symptoms (depression, anxiety, pain, etc.) depending on, amongst other things, the identities and functions of the parts involved in the conflict.
Note: We are not talking about a split personality, which could develop in severe cases of psychopathology. We are here referring to 'normal' functioning and problems.

Ego-state Hypnotherapy is directed at resolving conflict between different parts of the unconscious mind. The hypnotherapist is like a facilitator who guides a process of negotiation between the parts, in very much the same way a negotiator would resolve a conflict in a company. In this process the
resources of the patient's unconscious mind are also utilized to help the hypnotherapist in the process. Once the conflict is resolved, healing takes place.


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